Wednesday, June 13, 2012

today on the way to the grocery store i realized why exactly i feel stressed out most of my day. here it is: it's because i have someone talking to me ALL.DAY. long.

here's the thing. i'm a quiet person. i'm not big on talking just for the sake of talking. i recharge with quiet alone time. obviously, that's pretty scarce these days and on top of that, i have a tiny person glued to my side asking me non-stop questions or making non-stop requests and/or observations all day long, every single day. don't get me wrong, i'm so thankful for abbey's social, inquisitive, and funny personality. i'm so thankful that she can express herself so well and communicate effectively. but sweet Jesus, it stresses me out after awhile.

on that note, her are some of things she has been saying these days:

  • while in the car she likes to tell me where to go. example, if i am turning right she points to the left and says "go that way mama? we go that way??" and she doesn't feel like i hear her after saying it just once so she repeats it about 10 times. no exaggeration.
  • she asks me how my day was about 10x a day. i think this is pretty cute. she will just sit down all the sudden and get a serious look on her face and say "so, how was your day mommy?"
  • she asks to "go somewhere" several times through out the day, although the frequency of this request has lessened drastically since we moved into this house. thank goodness.
  • while driving a few days ago, out of nowhere, she says "i'm probably going to get a spanking." ha.
  • a few nights ago she was playing on the floor and for some reason looked up and said "sometimes i get sick, i throw up, i go poop, you change my diaper..." yes, all true things. sometimes that does happen.
  • she is obsessed with people's cars. every morning she gets up and looks out her window to make sure our car is still in the driveway. she then asks "where's daddy's car?" to which i say "where's daddy's car abbey?" and she replies "he took it to work probably." as soon as someone walks out our front door she runs to the window in the room to watch their car leave. she is also very interested in the city buses. our house is on a bus route and she always takes note when she hears the bus go by and usually guesses as to what color it may be "maybe that's a green one? no, probably a white one, i think so."
  • she finds it pretty upsetting when i put my hair up in a ponytail. my hair is down most of the time so when i put it up she always asks me to take it down. always.

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