Sunday, June 10, 2012

random thoughts of lately

  • i'm starting to think pinterest is on a mission to increase the obesity rate in the U.S. i mean, really, does anyone ever need to make and eat things like this? or this?
  • today gregg was referred to as "mr. gregg" by a high schooler. we aren't fooling anyone anymore. we are adults.
  • speaking of our old age, i'm going to jump a little soap box for a minute. i reallly hope it doesn't come off  as judgey...i wish young Christ following girls-and women for that matter-would use a little more wisdom in what they choose to wear and especially what they choose to wear to church. maybe a skirt that literally barely covers the bottom isn't the best idea? or maybe a shirt that shows off the entire bra underneath could possible cause your Christian brother to struggle during worship with keeping his thoughts pure? or maybe i'm just prudish and judgey?
  • i'm gearing up for a week of pure joy as i plan to 1) finally re-enter the world of potty training and 2) break tucker from napping in that dang swing. yay for pee everywhere and a screaming baby! 
  • i opened up the trunk of my car today to put in groceries and couldn't fit them in because it was already storing 2 strollers, a kid potty, baby floats, and plastic bucket/shovel.
  • why can't my children go 30 mins without pooping when i drop them off at the gym childcare? why??? why must they poop 10 minutes into my workout every.single.time. 
the end.

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Leah said...

hahaha i love this post. i can pretty much relate to every single thought.