Thursday, April 26, 2012

night one: crying it out

shoot me in the face.

tucker has not been an easy baby when it comes to sleep. he got to a point where he was sleeping in his bed (well pack in play in the living room) for 4 hours, wake up to eat, and then 4 more hours. i can handle that. sure all night would be awesome but getting up for 15 minutes at 2am won't kill me. but then he started getting really hard to get to go back to sleep after his middle of the night feeding. like, i was up for over an hour just trying to get the kid to stay asleep. and then he started getting up every 3 hrs a newborn would do. it was miserable. during the chaos of the last couple of weeks i've gotten into a bad habit of just putting him the swing because he will sleep 10-12 hrs a night in that dang thing. well, tonight is the night to end that habit.

shoot me in the face.

i fed him tonight and even gave him some tylenol before bed just in case his gums were bothering him-because i'm fairly positive they are. then i laid him down at 9:03 and went to take a shower with him screaming his face off in his crib. i took as long as i possibly could in the bathroom-painting my nails, cleaning up, etc. came out at 9:33. still screaming face off but he was taking short breaks of  quieting down every so often. 9:55 and the screaming stopped. that was 12 minutes ago. please, please let him be asleep. abbey never really screamed-she just yelled and honestly that didn't even happen much. tucker gets angry FAST. he is stubborn and sensitive.

i don't know what i'm going to do when he wakes up in the middle of the night. i'm certain he will though.

on the plus side, this whole crying it out thing could possibly double as a good way to keep my night time snacking in check. pretty positive that if my nerves weren't totally frazzled from the 52 minute scream fest that i would in fact be shoving the chocolate chip cookies i made today into my face. seems like i found something that makes me not want to eat. silver lining?

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