Sunday, April 22, 2012

oh sweet abbey.

you rarely wake up in the middle of the night. i mean rarely, but when you do, i secretly get a little excited.

i'll go into your room and find you sitting confused like on your bed or with your back against your bedroom door. i'll pick you up and usually you will request to "go out there for a little while?". "out there" is the living room. so i carry you to the couch where we snuggle under the blanket for awhile. it's just you and me in a sleepy, quiet house. you are growing so quickly and these middle of the night snuggle sessions are some of the rare times you stop going long enough to sit with me. we hug and talk for a few minutes before i pick you up and tuck you back into bed, making sure to say your prayers one more time at your request. on these nights i know if we had a larger bed i'd likely bring you back to bed with me to snuggle more. but we don't, so i fight the urge to spend the night on the couch with you and head back to bed thanking God for the sweet gift He has given us in you. He was so good to give you to me as my first child. You are sweet, kind, funny and caring. You make us laugh all day long with the things you say and my heart swells when I see how you love your baby tucker.

sweet girl, it makes my heart ache a little to think about how quickly you are growing and how independent you are becoming. these 2am cuddle sessions are more than worth any sleep i may be missing out on. i hope we can hang out to them for awhile longer.




Brit said...

sweet thoughts Jen. truly can not believe how time is flying by with our little babies.

Carey said...

so true. aching and rejoicing with you.