Friday, April 27, 2012

turning 30

i will be 30 in a little less than a month. i came across this list of things to have and know before turning 30. i am just going to go ahead and say this list is completely stupid.



elias and hope said...

That list is completely, totally, 100%, what is wrong with society today. Ridiculous. Maybe if people stopped spending time trying to live a life that will tell a good story one day, they'd realize they do have that life and that the stories we like to hear were not forced. *off my soapbox*

gm said...

i read the blog, skipped down to the next, and eventually made it back and clicked on the link just out of curiosity. bwahahahahaha! that list is absolutely awful, stupid, childish, self-centered, and honestly not even all that cool in terms of a list you might selfishly want checked off. ...i bet they sold a ton of magazines, got a ton of advertisement money, and continued to completely mess up a lot of girls lives with that one.