Sunday, April 8, 2012


easter basket from grammy

an attempt at the elusive family photo. abbey is too worried about shoving m&ms in her mouth and tucker is obsessed with staring me down.


a photo op with gregg's dream yard decor. seriously, if we had an extra $200 to spare he'd totally buy this giant chicken. fortunately, we don't have an extra $200 to drop on loud, borderline tacky, yard decor but we can spare $35 for a much smaller, acceptable version :)

today was a long but wonderful day. it started with Easter service which was held at an arena downtown so that all of our church, as well as others from the city, could worship in one building at the same time. i'm not gonna lie; the idea of going to church at such a large venue freaked me out a little. i was worried about parking, dropping kids off at childcare, finding a seat, massive crowds, picking kids up, getting back to the car, etc. however, it was SO wonderful and not really any extra effort on our part than a typical sunday. there were hundreds (literally-HUNDREDS) of volunteers working to make sure everything went as a smoothly as possible. people sacrificing their Easter worship service to make it accessible for all of us and to take care of children. so grateful for their service this morning. they made everything so easy for parents-we got to park right by the building, drop our kids off at the first entrance we came to, walk a few feet to our reserved  parent only seating (which was right by the stage) and enjoying worshiping with thousands on Easter morning. it was amazing. after church we headed to my parent's for the day in Brenham. the kids (yes even tucker!) got their Easter baskets from grammy and we had lunch together. after lunch, i tossed some empty plastic eggs around the front yard so abbey could "hunt" them and we spent the rest of the day just hanging out in the backyard. we didn't end up getting home until right at 9pm.

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