Thursday, April 5, 2012

unorganized thoughts

some random things of lately

  • after taking the month of march off from cooking and eating a lot of cereal, pbj, eggs & tortillas, i finally decided to get back to it.  i started with these salmon cakes that my friend blogged about awhile back. i've made them before and they were so good and they were equally as yummy this time around. however, i (we) always seem to struggle with pan frying things in that it makes a huge mess and whatever we are cooking tends to fall apart. luckily, they were tasty in pieces too :)
  • tucker's sleeping is SUCH a mess. i do.not.know what to do! it's like he thinks he is 3 weeks old again waking up every 3.5 hrs. seriously?? it is not a growth spurt because he is not hungry when he wakes up most of the time. as much as i want to do sleep training and get it over with, our current living space is just not ideal. one way or the other he will wake someone up and it's likely it would include our neighbors or that poor woman who lives underneath us that already endures abbey's new found skill of jumping.  (she especially loves to jump in the kitchen and on the tile because it's extra noisy.) so, i am hoping to tackle it when we move.

good thing he is so dang cute.

  • which brings me to-we are SO not good at waiting. not good at all. right now we are waiting for the final word that our loan has been approved and we can close on this house. it should be any day now but i would like for it to have been yesterday. we are also waiting to hear back about a job that gregg interviewed for last week. it's within the same hospital just a different position which would mean a decent pay raise. again, so not good at waiting. up the air is no fun but i know God is faithful.

  • gregg has taken a break from playing music for kidstuff for a about a month or so and we have really been enjoying the freedom that brings to our sunday mornings. we can go to church in the morning and then play the rest of the day. the last two sundays we have spent the whole late morning/afternoon outside at parks and playgrounds and it has been wonderful. i know he'll go back to playing soon, and i want him too because he enjoys it and it's a way to serve the church, but i'm loving having a 2 weekend mornings together :)
  • monday morning a friend organized an egg hunt at a park for a big group of friends and their kids. it was so much fun. i wanted to figure out a way to do this but having it at a park never crossed my mind. abbey loved it and i love that she has a good little group of girls with Godly parents to grow up with. it's so fun to see them actually playing and talking to each other.

and that's all for now i think. hopefully next week i will some updates on our all our waiting!

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Brit said...

Can't wait to come visit you guys in your new place. The kids are getting so big, I need to see them soon!