Thursday, February 16, 2012

night re-cap

7:30pm: i put a cranky pants abbey in bed for the night, she threatens to protest but ends up falling asleep without any tears.
8:00pm: tucker starts to get cranky, feed him and lay him down for a catnap
8:30pm: tucker wakes up, feed him more and lay him down for the "night"
12:49am: tucker wakes up, feed him but he isn't sleepy. he is looking up with me with cute baby smiles.
1:15am: attempt to make him sleepy by putting him the swing and head to bed.
1:25am: yelling coming from the swing. pull him out, re-swaddle, feed him another 2 oz, walk around the living room swaying him back and forth
2:05am: lay him down again for the rest of the night
2:05-2:30: try to fall back asleep
4:00am: wake up to abbey crying through the monitor. discover her at her bedroom door crying
4:00-4:15am: calm her down and lay her back in bed
4:15-4:30am: try to fall back asleep
4:40am: more crying for abbey. seriously. go calm her down again, she protests more this time with "go sleep in mommy's bed? go sit on the couch?" i use all my strength and deep breathing techniques to keep calm. i am very tired and annoyed at this point. finally calm her down and lay her down again.
5:00am: go back to bed and turn her monitor off.
6:00am: wake up to tucker yelling, ready for more food. make a bottle, turn on the news in the living room in an attempt to keep me from falling asleep while feeding him
6:15am: put an awake tucker in the swing and go face plant in my bed while saying goodbye to gregg as he heads to work. i turn abbey's monitor back on so i don't oversleep. she is my alarm clock.
7:00am: wake up to abbey coughing through monitor and decide to call it a night. throw on some concealer to cover up the puffy eyes that my cold + lack of sleep have created and put on some sweats. start plotting a nap time. coffee. time.

this night is pretty typical for my nights lately. it isn't normal for abbey to wake up during the night but she was sick all last week so she was up several times a night from coughing/trying to breath. when she's sick she gets use to me bringing her to bed with us or sitting up on the couch with her for hours at a time. when she starts to get well it takes a few nights for her to realize that isn't going to be the new normal routine. tucker has been waking up just once at night and usually goes right back to sleep. occasionally he will be in party mode at 2am like he was last night but not usually.

i guess i will sleep again when my kids are grown. maybe.


Carey said...

sorry you had a rough night, friend. if i was your neighbor... :) hope it gets better soon.

the mom diggity said...

This makes me tired just reading it. But I am right there with ya!!!