Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 months of Tucker

3 months already. i can't believe he's not a newborn anymore.

at 3 months tucker...

  • is really started to "fill out" as my mom would say :) he is getting chubbier and chubbier everyday and i love it. he is wearing 3 months and 3-6 month clothing.
  • doesn't have another check-up until next month so i'm not sure about his stats but i'd say he has easily picked up another pound this month which would make him 12.5 ish pounds. 
  • is sleeping SO much better. a couple nights a week he will sleep a straight 8 hour stretch but normal for him is to sleep from 9-1 and 1:30-5 and then i put him in the swing for another 2ish hours of sleeping. not bad. 
  • smiles so much. he loves it when you get close to his face and talk to him. he smiles so big and gets wide-eyed. he tries to talk back at you most of the time but not all the time.
  • has spent several nights in his crib in his room with his sister. i'm still kind of nervous about going in and out of abbey's room at night and early morning. he will start out in his crib but end up in the pack n play in the living room after his middle of the night feeding. i have this fear of him waking up abbey at 5am and her not wanting to go back to bed. i need to get over it b/c he's about to outgrow the newborn bassinet insert for the pack n play and i'm sick of looking at thing.
  • isn't the greatest at entertaining himself but does seem to like the playmate his nana and grandpa bought him for christmas. he typically prefers to be held which is unfortunate for him because i typically am needing to do something that requires both hands.
  • doesn't really cry often. he mostly just kind of yells when he is getting bored or hungry. even when he wakes up-it's just yelling/grunting until he is fed and then he's happy again. 
  • still has blue eyes. i'm pretty excited about this.

he really is a good baby and has such an easy going little personality  i just love him.

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