Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a tucker update

tucker is almost 11 weeks and...

  • today he rolled from his tummy to his back 3 times in a row. i won't mention the fact that a certain older sister didn't figure that trick out until she was oh...6 months old :) 
  • he is sleeping much better at night (knock on wood!), only waking up once around 2-2:30. makes for much more manageable nights. 
  • we've also discovered that he naps pretty well on his belly but he still generally naps longer in the swing. i've also had an easier time getting him to fall asleep lately. i think it's because i realized i wasn't really paying attention to how long he'd been awake in between naps and he was just getting overtired all the time. for the past week or so i've been making sure to try to get him to sleep after being up for about an hour to an hour and half and he generally dozes off without much of a fight. 
  • he has outgrown his newborn clothing and is wearing most of his 3 month clothes now, although some are still a little a big. 
  • he has discovered his hands and likes to hold them together and suck on them all the time. it is precious-he looks like a little squirrel :)
  • is still reminding me so much of abbey-at least in the pictures (abbey at 4 months, tucker at 2.5)

so that's the tucker update. i wondered if these little milestones would be just as fun to see the 2nd time around they definitely are.  i can't believe he will be 3 months old soon!

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