Tuesday, January 31, 2012

living my montage

i am so not a runner. i have never even attempted to be a runner. however, it seems to be a pretty effective workout and i am certainly in need of that right now. so, in effort to start some where, i have decided to start doing a couch to 5k jogging/walking schedule. i found this plan by typing in "couch to 5k" in google and then clicking the first link that popped up. i started today and even for someone like me, it wasn't that difficult but i still felt like a got a workout and those 20 mins flew by.

several months ago, one of the pastors at our church talked about how all the movies have a montage scene where clips of a character's life over a span of time are shown, highlighting all the work they are putting into something and ending with them reaching their goal or succeeding, etc. i am not a fan of working out. i like the way i feel afterwards and the way i feel about myself when i'm doing it consistently but the actual "working out" part-not a fan. i also want change to happen overnight and i usually end up getting impatient and just quitting altogether. so today when i was running on the treadmill at the fitness center in our apartment complex, looking at my reflection in the mirror they so thoughtfully placed directly in front of the cardio machines, i thought about that sermon. i decided that i'm living my montage right now. putting in the work and eventually i'll get to the end scene where a clip of me wearing my jeans comfortably again flashes across the scene. 

that's the goal anyway. well that and running a 5k i guess. 

p.s. did i spell "montage" right??


Carey said...

eee! this excites me! very true that it's a love/hate thing...but who knows..maybe it will eventually be more love? i wanna hear how it goes!

Anonymous said...

so today you've encouraged me to start running again. i miss it, but am terrified to start i up again. perhaps i will. how is it going?