Thursday, February 2, 2012

abbey pants

this girl is getting so big and seems more and more grown up everyday.

she loves her baby brother and always refers to him as "baby tucker". i'm starting to wonder if she will still be calling him that years from now. her favorite phrases right now are "oh my gosh!", "i don't want that" and "i don't like it". she loves her baby doll house (as she calls it) and carries the little people that go with it around with her everywhere-including putting them in bed with her for naps and at night.  she is always asking one of us to come play with her and dance with her. it usually sounds something like this: "you come (insert activity) for me?" or "you come dance for me?" she is still LOVING going to mother's day out and her class at church.

i am loving hearing what new and funny thing she will come up with daily. while the 2s are proving to be difficult in some ways (hello whining!) they are also proving to be so much fun.

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