Friday, October 21, 2011

rain cloud

i made this felt rain cloud for the kid's room yesterday afternoon. i saw the idea on pinterest (of course) and decided it was an easy enough craft for me to do and if it bombed it was only a $5 investment. i think it's pretty cute. right now it's over tucker's bed but i'm thinking it may be a little too small for that space but we will see. i added the heart "raindrop" so that it would kind of tie in with the painting over abbey's bed and random red thrown in around the room.

i also made yet another wipes case holder for a friend who is expecting a baby girl a few weeks after tucker's arrival. i kinda want to keep this one for myself though :)


Leah said...

cute cute!

Leah said...

yes, I'd love to get together for a play date sometime. :) this week is already sort of packed, and you are due sooo soon. maybe we can figure something out.