Wednesday, October 26, 2011

36 weeks

i am 36 weeks pregnant today. in 3 weeks, we will have a newborn. in 3 weeks, i will be a mom to two children. sometimes it is hard for me to believe how adult i am.

this pregnancy has FLOWN by in comparison to the first. i kept thinking it would slow down the further along i got but it really hasn't. in some ways, i want the next 3 weeks to fly by too (pregnancy starts to be less and less enjoyable the further along you get) but in other ways, i just want time to slow down so i can remember what life was like as a family of 3.

i think this blogging thing will be helpful for me so that i can remember some of the details of my pregnancies for the future. although, we are quite positive that this truly will be the last pregnancy we go through. so really, i've got 3 weeks of pregnancy left forever-unless God has other plans but i'm just going to go ahead and say that i'm hoping He doesn't :)

this time around has been pretty similar to the first. i seem to be carrying this baby pretty close to how i carried abbey-maybe somewhat lower because i am feeling all kinds of pressure and hip pain that i never felt with abbey. at the same time though, he is still pretty high like she was so i often feel like i've got something heavy sitting on my chest. i've gained pretty much the same amount of weight this time only difference being that i (unfortunately) started out a few several pounds heavier this time. such is life. i will deal with it in 9 weeks. the nausea has returned recently just as it did in the final weeks with pregnancy 1, and fortunately, is nothing too difficult to handle this time either. i have found that getting around in general seems to be a little more difficult as the end gets closer. perhaps that's because last time i wasn't chasing a toddler around and getting down and up from the floor all day long. whatever the reason my body feels more tired and achy by the end of the day.

we are very much less prepared at this point for the arrival of baby than we were with abbey. we finally got a crib mattress on sunday evening and my sister will be bringing us a car seat to use tomorrow, along with a couple of other little things we are still lacking. i thought we had more newborn clothes that we really do apparently because i counted them over the weekend and 2-yep TWO-newborn sleepers. i have plenty of newborn short sleeved onesies but we went through sleepers like water with abbey. i have no bottles, pacifiers or newborn diapers-something i should probably work on taking care of soon. i also have no nursing bras or tank tops which will also be important to have. we still have 3 weeks though. no need to panic, right??

some things about this picture...

  • okay, looking at this picture he looks just as high as she was. maybe he's really long? or has super head bunting powers which he uses to bunt my bladder and "lower area" all day.
  • i feel like i should tell you that i bought that skirt about 7 years ago. i am pretty sure it's see through now from being so worn but it fits so who cares?
  • at a certain point in pregnancy things like "matching" and "looking cute" aren't really a priority. what is a priority is finding clothes that go over a giant belly. hence the punky brewster inspired color combination.
  • yes, it's late october and i'm still wearing the same the clothes i was wearing in june. come on texas, get on board with this thing called fall already.

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Leah said...

I'm feeling you on just about all of those things... except that since I'm having a boy, we have all the clothes already. :)