Tuesday, September 6, 2011

this week..

so this started out as a "this week" post but turned into a "this week and 1/2" post. so it's kinda long.

  • i hit 28 weeks of pregnancy. officially in the 3rd trimester and definitely feeling pregnant now. i feel like i went from feeling pretty decent to super pregnant overnight. 
blurry 28.5 week shot
this was 29 weeks with abbey
  • gregg declared that abbey would be a good athlete one day because she "has a strong (throwing) arm and big feet." awesome.
  • met a friend at the park one morning and our girls managed to find the only mud in texas and sit in it. abbey left the park barefoot and in a diaper. classy.
  • abbey had her first successful poop in the potty. i know you are all thrilled about it. however, i have no real plans to potty train right now.
  • i got to spend a few hours chatting with 2 wonderful friends thursday evening and it made my whole week better. miss that kid-free friend time.
  • we enrolled abbey in a 2 day a week mother's day out/preschool program. she started today. i am super excited about this but also a little sad. she is such a big girl these days.
all ready for her first day of "school"

  • my sister and friend jamie threw a baby shower for tucker this weekend. i didn't really think about it being labor day weekend when we scheduled it so that took out a good chunk of our guests but it was still a great shower. so many cute decorations and some seriously adorable cookies!

  • abbey skipped her nap one afternoon and passed out in the car running errands. she then stayed asleep after we brought her inside and laid her on the couch. that hasn't happened since she was a newborn. she slept until i woke her up to go to bed and then slept all night. tired girl.

  • my sister bought our t.v. cabinet and we purchased something that takes up a little less visual space and has lots of storage. it also apparently doubles as a new toy for abbey...this is what she had accomplished less than 1 hour after it being completed

  • cooler weather finally came to visit us and by cooler and i mean highs in the low 90s. it's still wonderful in that it's in the 70s/80s most of the morning. we took advantage of it monday since gregg had the day off for labor day. made a stop by town lake, the playground and then lunch on the patio at chuy's. mmm..salsa (or in my case mmm..creamy jalapeno ranch!).

.....and one day i hope to have a camera that it makes it easier to avoid taking blurry photos :)


elias and hope said...

holy crap...i look pregnant in that picture!!! oh my word. why did i put my hand right there?!?!

jen said...

i did not get one decent picture from that day. but then again, i don't expect much at this point in pregnancy.

you do not look pregnant.

Leah said...

Hey Jen! I just remembered that you commented on my blog awhile back, and I never came and found you to say "HI! I'm excited to start following your blog! :)