Sunday, September 6, 2009

good news...

7 months, 1 week time

i am pretty sure we found a church this morning. after much discussion and after checking with my school registrars office to find out i do in fact have to resubmit the form that ensures the tuition scholarship for being a member of a SB church, we decided to visit just one more church this morning. i am so glad we did. i was actually expecting it be much larger and was surprised to find their one service of about 75-100 ppl, however, i am actually looking forward to going to a smaller church for a change. it was just a very good, sincere, laid back approach that both gregg and i really appreciated and felt good about it. so, we're sticking with it. whew-nice to finally have found a place that we feel right at.

after getting home around 12:00, I ate lunch and started on my first paper of the semester (and in about 5 years!). it really wasn't that complicated or major of a paper but it took me until about 10 mins ago (about 8 hrs later) to finish. part of this is because i feel asleep for about a hour while reading, part of it is because i would write a paragraph and stare at my computer for 10 mins before starting the next AND part of it was because it was over Old Testament theology which i CLEARLY know very little about. it's been a sad realization that i've spent my entire life in church, rarely missing a sunday school class, sunday morning, sunday evening or wednesday evening service and yet i know so very little about the Bible outside of the major stories you are taught as a kid-and even at that my knowledge is missing much depth. don't get me wrong, i definitely learned a great deal about living for God and His nature and character, i just somehow missed the theology behind it all. for this reason, i am really enjoying my Old Testament class despite being terrible intimidated by it.

in baby news (because i can't seem to not talk about it at this point-sorry), i now look like i am walking around with a basketball stuck under my shirt. this baby NEVER stops moving and, of course, when she does get still for more than 10 mins i start to wonder if something is wrong. most of the time i don't mind the movement but today she's been hanging out on my lower right side and kicking me every 10 mins pretty hard so i'd like a break from that. in fun news (well fun to me) the crib is set-up and the nursey is starting to come together. mainly what's left is gregg doing some paintings and getting the art up on the walls. that crib is scary to me. it makes this all so real. as gregg pointed out, soon we will walk in that room and a tiny human being will be laying in that crib demanding our attention 24/7. see-scary isn't it? even scarier than that-it has to get out of my body somehow! some days, i wonder how i ever got my head to agree to getting in this condition :)

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