Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my number 1 new hobby...

is crying.

i suppose that shouldn't come as a shock as i have officially entered the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy and the hormones are out of control. i'm just glad it's not angry rage spewing out of me all the time. i'll take tears over that any day.

anything makes me cry-good or bad, happy or sad. if i read or hear a story about a child i stand no chance-i just start crying. it doesn't matter if it's a cute and funny story it still causes the tears. if i hear anything even remotely emotional, i just cry. it's a little annoying.

i also cry easily (i think) right now because i'm so extremely tired. i've always been more emotional when tired- much like a toddler i suppose. last week after a night of no sleep and a long day of class, i came home and laid on the couch and cried for the rest of the day because i was feeling so sorry for myself. later that night when i got into bed gregg was treated to another hour long cry session over my feeling miserable. ha, i'm sure he enjoys those as they are become quite regular. overall, i'd say he's lucky because i don't get short tempered or demanding and i've worked hard to keep our relationship as normal as possible from my end but i can't seem to avoid the crying.

okay, other than crying, my new favorite hobbies include:

- day dreaming about how skinny i will get after i have the baby. unfortunately, pregnancy has put a glaring spotlight on how vain i am. anyway, i have all these plans to get super thin after the baby. we'll see how that goes.

-along with being thin, i day dream about wearing my normal clothes again. again-vain.

-going over every possible scenario that could occur while delivering the baby. i am also trying to get myself adjusted to the idea of a c-section because, for some reason, i really feel like i'm going to end up having one.

-trying to figure out what position the baby is in (again, related to the c-section thing)

-reading. not just reading but extreme reading.

-working on befriending my classmates. i will say this again-i am SO happy i decided to do grad school here. while there things about the school i don't always understand or agree with it, overall, it is amazing to be here in such a small setting. it's amazing to start EVERY class with prayer requests.

-stalking pregnancy blogs.

-sitting in the baby's room and trying to imagine having a baby in there with me. seriously, it's still so hard to grasp what is coming even though i'm huge and feel this baby moving non-stop.

-being kicked in the side. it's amazing how hard a 2.5lb baby can kick.

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