Friday, September 2, 2011

date nights

before we had kids i would some times say something along the lines of "we don't really go on dates" to gregg. to which he would respond "any time we go anywhere it's a date-it's just the two of us."

i didn't really see it that way then but i definitely do now. i find it a little funny when i hear my friends without kids say they are going on a "date night" with their spouse/boyfriend. i get gregg's point from a couple years ago now. now that we get a "date" about once every 3 months when we either happen to be visiting family or family is visiting us or we get really blessed and abbey goes to stay with my parents for a weekend.

our next date is scheduled for the weekend of sept 30th-oct 2nd when we will have 2 whole days of date time. we were able to reserve a cute 1 bedroom house just off of south congress for a weekend as a "staycation" of sorts before we become parents of two. to say i am looking forward to that weekend would be an understand. i think we will be due for a date by then as it will be right at 3 months since our last one by the time that weekend comes :)


gm said...
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gm said...

hooray for 2 date-nights! i'm really excited to hang out with just you, and thankful for random extra money from work making it happen. now i feel like one of those fancy couples that get to go out, or have a baby-sitter sometimes, or maybe even go on a trip together. wish i could make it happen more than rarely if ever.