Tuesday, June 7, 2011


this is what i like to refer to as pregnant/lazy parenting. my too big for a pacifer child sitting in the middle of a mess i let her create zoned out in front of the tv .

(nearly) 16 weeks

abbey got a play kitchen from her nana yesterday and we (okay..maybe just me) were very excited about it. it took gregg almost 2 hours to put it together and even though it contributes to the "childcare" theme of our living room, i'm so happy for her to have it. she loves it.


gm said...

note: our child watches VERY little tv on a regular basis. no more than about 30 mins a day if that.

but yeah...sometimes mommy gets lazy ;)

Nellie said...

super cute little retro kitchen! btw-your tiny little baby tummy is adorable.