Friday, June 10, 2011

late night crafting

okay, so maybe 10pm on a friday night doesn't necessarily count as "late night" but around here it does. at 8pm gregg and i look at each other and ask if it's too early to go to sleep. it is btw-the rule is it at least has to be dark out. 9pm is acceptable though.

anyway, crafting.

i don't know what it is about having kids that makes me feel the need to search for my crafty side. trust me, i have to search pretty hard because it's not necessarily something i inherited or grew up learning to be, nor something i really am. but at any rate, i still try and because gregg is nice and abbey is a small child, they accept what i come up with.

i'm trying to come up with ideas for what will be the "kids room" in the next 6 months. since we will be staying in a 2 bedroom place they will definitely be sharing a room. and since i have this strong gut feeling (based on nothing-btw) that we will be having a little boy join us, i'm trying to work on making the room gender neutral. abbey's room is pretty much gender neutral as is because i prefer that much more than a pink explosion but it does have some girly elements to it. i'm thinking of doing more boyish things on the crib side and more girlyish things on the toddler side. all of this is very interesting i know.

i've been wanting to make some sort of bunting for awhile now but haven't gotten around to it. for whatever reason i decide to try a make-shift attempt at it tonight. it's not half bad considering i didn't measure anything, used whatever i found in my craft box and hot glued the whole thing together. i intend to do this again (and maybe even use my sewing machine for it!) but basically just wanted to make sure the twine i had would work for it.

imagine several more flag things on the end
i've also got this growing obsession with with making fabric flowers. i mostly use them for headbands for abbey or clips for my hair but i'm thinking about trying to sew on on to a tank top for abbey.

i found a cool idea today that i liked to try to here:

i also intend to put some of those flowers to use making this at some point next week.

and because this post isn't long enough, here are some random pictures of the last couple of days

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