Sunday, June 5, 2011

fashion trends to hate

tonight i ended up going to the late service at our church. we don't usually go to this service because 7pm seems really late to go to church, abbey is asleep by 7:30 and it usually the most crowded service. it also happens to be the service that the majority of the college students go to. don't get me wrong, i love our church and i love the thriving college community that is a part of it. they are doing incredible things for Christ at UT but i gotta say, i felt a lot like the old married pregnant lady sitting in an undergrad class tonight. gregg stayed home with abbey because she seemed to have vague signs of sickness so we wanted to keep her out of kidstuff just in case.

anyway, i was reminded of my "un-trendiness" tonight. there are just some fashion trends i just can't get on board with.

the hippie headband, as seen below, is at the top of that list.

i do not understand this and it makes me crazy when i see people wearing their hair like this. why?
something else that freaks me out: boot sandals. yes. boots and sandals merged into one shoe. again, why?? and on what occasion are these appropriate? it seems like a bad set-up for both winter and summer.



i hate these trends. hate them. of course, i also hated leggings when they first came back and well, i was definitely wearing leggings tonight. maybe someone is blogging right now about how pregnant girls shouldn't wear leggings. 

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Carey said...

I totally feel you. We actually went to the Stone yesterday, 9am, but I was observing some of the same things. I feel old a lot. When I went to the mall yesterday and perused Forever 21, I definitely felt like I need to stop going there. I couldn't find a single thing I would wear, so that must mean something. I've been wanting to spend some birthday money for awhile on clothes, but I can't figure out what my style is anymore or where to look for it. Hence I am in a tee shirt and long sweat shorts today. That sounds trendy, huh?