Friday, April 15, 2011

i realize there has been a little bit of a time lapse since the last time i posted. no reason really other than the fact that i've just been extra tired (or lazy..) what with growing a child and all.

anyway, this past week we made an impromptu drive to jacksonville to visit gregg's family. gregg's grandfather passed away earlier this month after being very sick for several years. since last minute plan tickets are outrageously expensive we set out on a 19 hour road trip. surprisingly, abbey did very well. i expected it to be pretty rough but a friend lent us a portable DVD player and that saved us. unfortunately, the only DVD abbey really enjoyed out of the 6 i brought was Yo Gabba Gabba and she only really liked one episode on that DVD. gregg and i now have an entire episode of Yo Gabba Gabba memorized. 

we discovered abbey's love for the ocean this trip. she seriously knew no fear and it was all gregg could do to keep her from running straight into the waves. she LOVED it! we had to carry her away when it was time to leave. 

she also got to take her very first horse ride. gregg's niece brittney rides horses competitively and has her own horse in their backyard so we took abbey for a short ride. she seemed to really it.

we had a great week visiting family and spending time at the beach, parks and museum downtown. i'm so glad we got to make to trip, although, after being in the car so long, i must say i am not looking forward to the 30 hr road trip abbey and i have scheduled to pennsylvania next month with my family.

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