Wednesday, March 30, 2011

16 months have gone by now since abbey was born. it is so hard to believe how fast the time has gone. everyday i look at her and i can't believe how much of a little girl she is turning into. she is becoming more and more independent everyday. she also seems to be picking up more and more words everyday. if she is in the right mood she will attempt to repeat pretty much anything you ask her to. sometimes she's pretty close and other times not so much :) her favorite thing to say right now is "hi grandpa". her nana taught her this when she was visiting a couple weeks ago and now she just says it all the time for no reason at all. she also picked up on the word "Bible" at our community group meeting last week.

she is obsessed with going places. i have quickly learned to not put her shoes on her unless i am ready to walk out the door. otherwise i hear "ready gooooo" until we finally leave. as soon as she wakes up in the morning she points to the door and says "go?". over the past few days she's improved on her climbing skills and can now get on and off the couch, her chair and the ottomans. she has also taken to climbing inside her toy bin about 100 times a day.

she has grown quite attached to the pink elephant i started putting in her bed a few months ago and now it's a must for sleeping. and the girl LOVES books. she brings me book after book all day long and then climbs in my lap to listen to them read. she will even insist on reading the same book back to back over and over and over again. we now have half her books memorized. i could recite the story of easter to you right now from memory but i won't :)

she is a our sweet girl and we love her more and more everyday.

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