Friday, March 25, 2011


last week gregg's mom came into town for a few days. this meant 2 things:

1. i had someone to help me figure out a pattern and a sewing machine
2. i had someone to play with and take care of abbey so that i could do crafty things

so with much much help from her, i (or really we) made this cute bag below. i am excited about it and i THINK i could do it again...but i'm sure it won't go as smoothly this time around.

i had been seeing this super cute wreaths all over the blog world and kept putting off making one. i finally did last weekend and it's so cute and SO easy to make. if you are interested in making one you can find a great tutorial here.

i am obsessed with how cute and simple these flowers are. i am trying to find different ways to use them and eventually want to make some hair clips for abbey using them.

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gm said...

completely awesome stuff friend. can't wait to see what cool things you can make for yourself and the little ones in the future.