Monday, March 21, 2011

2 year flashback

two years ago i posted this news. we found out about abbey's impending arrival the day after our 2nd anniversary. this year, we found out about our 2nd child's impending arrival 4 days before our 4th anniversary.

yep. baby number 2 comes in november. in fact, i have the same due date with this pregnancy as i did with the last-according to my calculations at least. i can't say that this is a "true" surprise to us but i am not sure seeing that 2nd line pop up is ever NOT shocking on some level.

as with the last pregnancy, the 1st trimester makes me a little nervous so i'll be happy to see week 13 roll around-unfortunately that's still 8 weeks away. i can't say i'm super thrilled to have 9 months of being pregnant ahead of me (that should come as a shock to no one) but we are very excited to have a new sweet baby coming to us in the fall.

so, as i mentioned, we celebrated 4 whole years of marriage last week. we determined at our dinner out that we've been together for the equivalent a high school career. pretty special ;)

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