Wednesday, October 6, 2010

when did this happen?

occasionally i have these moments when i feel like i'm realizing i am no longer a care-free college student all over again. these days, these moments usually involve abbey.

she was a tired, cranky mess this evening so i decided we were getting out of the house for a couple of hours before bedtime. so we went and killed some time at old navy and then we went to HEB. while standing in the middle of the aisle at HEB comparing the prices of toilet paper, wearing sweats and a tank top i've had for at least 3 years, i realize that the giant baby i have strapped to myself in the ergo carrier (b/c she was waayyy to cranky to even attempt to put her in the buggy tonight) is leaking pee on to my tank top. at about that time, a girl that appears to be my age (but is probably really 22 because lately i think everyone is my age when they are really at least a good 6 years younger) walks by in her trendy clothes, fall boots and cute purse. and i think, wow. that was me just a few a years ago and now here i stand in pee soaked sweat clothes... and yet something inside of me is craving the chaos of adding more children to our family.

i am definitely not 22 anymore.


gm said...

hi, my name is gregg, i just wanted to say that i read your blog a lot and really like it. i look forward to each post ;)

Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

this post made me smile and lol. ;o) love it!!

Anonymous said...

you should write for a new mom magazine. so funny and real