Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 months

*actual 10 mth "birthday" was sept 30*

abbey is 10 months today-you all know what that means, another exciting monthly update that i know everyone finds so interesting :)

at her 9 month appt abbey was still holding strong to the top of charts in all areas at 22.3 lbs and 29 inches long. i do feel like she's grown taller lately and has lost some of belly but she's still got some chunk to her little legs :)

her new favorite things are clapping and waving.

she loves to be chased around. she thinks it is hilarious and i have to say, it's just about the cutest thing ever. she will crawl really fast, sit up and grin back at you and wait for you to go after her. when you do, she starts laughing hysterically and tries to crawl away as fast as she can. she is usually laughing so much she trips herself and can't go very fast-but we give her a head start.

she doesn't really have much regard for the word "no". i really don't think she gets it yet, however, when she is doing something that we have told her no to several times, she will look back at me and grin real big-kinda like she is waiting for me to acknowledge what she is doing. she makes it so hard to be stern with her with that cute grin.

she has SEVEN teeth! i swear every time i look at her she is getting another tooth

her favorite toys right now are these little plastic balls. she crawls around with one in each hand at all times and will often stop, look at them and laugh before crawling along again

she hasn't stood on her own yet but i think she's getting there. i think she could do it but isn't confident enough to let go of whatever/whoever she is holding on to.

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