Monday, October 11, 2010

the sappy mom post

i have a zip-up sweatshirt thing very similar to the one abbey is wearing so when i saw this at a resale shop i had to get it for her. it's too cute.

i may or may not have dressed up "teddy" in abbey's shirt, headband and tutu.
 sweet girl. looking forward to many years of dress-up ahead of us

i love my sweet girl. i love that i get to spend my days with her. i love that she grins super big when she sees me come into the room. i love that she will occasionally take a break from playing to crawl over to me for a quick hug. i love that sweet little grin. i love her constant giggles and random jibber jabber.

the days go by so fast lately. the time really does go just as fast-if not faster-as everyone tells you it will. it breaks my heart that we are coming up on her 1st birthday but i'm so excited to see the little girl my baby will become.

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