Sunday, October 24, 2010

not too much going on lately.

this past week gregg and i went to see sufjan stevens in concert. as i have an attention span of a 2 year old, i typically get bored at concerts so i was half way excited about it and half way dreading it. however, much to my surprise, i was kept well entertained for the entire concert-even during a 25 minute song! it was non-stop lights, images, dancing and interesting music. his new stuff isn't something i'd buy and listen to at home but it made for a fantastic show. PLUS we got to sit down the whole time. super bonus for me-my least favorite thing about concerts is having to stand the entire time.

this was also our first time to pay for someone to watch abbey and good grief that's expensive. won't be doing that much but i am glad that we have someone good we can call on in a pinch.

we also have found an agency that we are going to work with to become foster parents. the training starts in january and last for 4 weeks.

waiting for sufjan to start
..and..that's about it :)

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gm said...

ha, it's funny. this week was INSANELY busy and tiring for me, but for you, doing the exact same stuff with me, there's "not much going on". i guess staying at home definitely changes the perspective, and makes life more mellow. it seems tiring for sure, but still very mellow in comparison. <3 ...good to see great stuff on the horizon as well.