Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazing Grass Superfood

in what is starting to feel like a never ending quest to lose the last of the "baby weight", i have started counting calories again. this is the only method of "dieting" that has ever worked for me and although i am not crazy about doing it, i kind of feel like i need the structure to have success. i'm a week in and it's not as terrible as i remember it being. i think it's helpful too in that makes me very aware of what is and is not a part of my diet on a regular basis. i'm severely lacking in the vegetable department. i usually have a salad on a regular basis but overall, i don't eat many vegetables-and i really like them! i also eat a great deal of carbs (frozen waffles, whole wheat pancakes, oatmeal, etc) so i should probably try to sub in some veggie filled meals for a dinner every now and then instead of having oatmeal 2x a day :)

in an effort to help me increase my veggie intake, gregg purchased the above for me. that would be Amazing Grass Superfood. i'm a little skeptical but i did try a sip of it last night mixed in just water (which is probably the least tasty way to have it) and it didn't taste that awful. i'm going to try it mixed into a smoothie of sorts today and see how it is. we will see.

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