Tuesday, June 29, 2010

that's a no-go

i'm not going to lie, that tasted like dirt. fruit flavored dirt. perhaps i didn't work hard enough to disguise the taste. i think i may try the chocolate flavor.

in other news, i am making dinner tonight. i have decided to not tell gregg about my dinner plan in case it is a total fail. however, i am hopeful as i got the idea from this girl's dinner post yesterday.

now, here are a few pictures of a cute baby to make you smile:

sleepy morning abbey-pete
showing off her 2 bottom teeth while crawling all over our clothes/bed..

i always want to buy cute hats but always feel strange wearing a hat. today it was rainy so i thought i'd just try it out. abbey kept looking at me funny the whole time i was wearing it.


Carey said...

1) you crack me up with the food stuff.
2) the hat is a keeper. i also would like to find confidence in head apparrel.
3) those bottom teeth are killers. they are so stinkin cute.
4) did you see the pics on my facebook of the sprinklers with the little girls? that's what i picture doing with you and abbey when you move in (gasp!) 4 weeks.

Brittany said...

Love the hat!!! :)

Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

well i like that hat!! where did you get it, so I can get it and be like you. ;oP