Sunday, November 15, 2009

some things i'm looking forward to leaving behind in the coming weeks:

1. swollen feet, hands and face.
because of swelling i have not been able to wear my wedding rings for the past month nor have complete feeling in my right hand. the not feeling my right hand completely is the most annoying because it makes writing very difficult.

2. indigestion.
i never dealt with this until i hit about the 30 week mark of pregnancy. just drinking water causes problems. cannot wait for that to go away.

3. struggle with breathing
i can now HEAR myself breathing. that's annoying and disgusting, but when your lungs are squished by a full size baby and you're carrying around an extra 25 lbs-it happens.

4. aching knees
i really feel like an old woman. my right knee especially hurts all the time, especially when standing up or squatting

5. inability to bend over
life will be so much easier when i can just bend over and pick up what i've dropped or need out of a cabinet

6. pumpkin belly
ah, to not have a pumpkin strapped to my abdomen-how glorious that will be. i think even with the post baby weight that i'll initially feel so skinny just to have this gone. they say to expect to look about 6 months post baby at first. i WELCOME my 6 mth pregnant body in comparison to this 9.5 mth pregnant one. seriously, i looked a picture from when i was 6 months pregant and the word "skinny" came into my mind. that's how disillusioned i have become.

7. maternity jeans
now i know i won't be saying goodbye to these altogether for quite awhile, but my 2 most annoying pair i hope to be rid of as soon as baby gets here and i hope to be back to my favorite pair that i outgrew once hitting the 8.5 mth mark. that's all i want. i will probably avoid my regular pants for quite some time. no need to set myself up for depression.

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