Saturday, November 14, 2009

i've discovered a great part about the end of pregnancy. the last two weeks i've lost weight between my dr.'s appts but feel like i've been eating pretty liberally. this may be the only time in my life that i can eat pretty much whatever i feel like and not gain weight. i should take advantage of it this last week or so. i made pumpkin pie bars and have definitely been using this as an excuse to eat about 3 a day. oh well.

my appt yesterday went well-nothing major happening yet but i was a little dilated and things seem to be progressing. my doctor was pleased, she said "that's a good cervix". i'll take that. i still find it weird to talk about my cervix-and rightfully so i think. sorry.

after the dr. gregg and i spent some time wondering around a shopping center and then going to lunch together. it was a beautiful day and i'm hoping today will be the same. although i will spend it studying. ugh.

i also spent a good portion of yesterday evening wondering if i was going into labor. i kept getting some pretty noticeable contractions but then they stopped. oh well. it was enough to make gregg put together a plan for when the time comes and right it out on the white board on the fridge :) we'll still probably forget something though.

alright, that's my exciting life for now.

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gm said...

nice cervix you've got there!