Tuesday, November 24, 2009

no news here.

yesterday was my due date-clearly i'm still pregnant. it seems any contractions i was experiencing last week have completely stopped. at my appt yesterday i was dilated almost 3 cm but still just 50% effaced. my doctor is "hopeful" that i will go into labor on my own but i'm not. i just got off the phone with my nurse scheduling an induction to start sunday evening at 7pm. i'm pretty positive i will need it. so i go in sunday evening to start cervadil and then monday morning the pitocin comes. fun times. i'm just so ready for this to be over-i wish i could go in tonight to start the process! my doctor said she feels like labor will go well for me because my body has already started getting prepared on it's own. i hope she's right. the last few weeks of pregnancy have been pretty unpleasant for me-not so much physically (although that is getting really old) but emotionally. i'm tired of waiting and tired of being pregnant and unable to focus on anything else or enjoy anything because of my poor attitude. i can't seem to fix it so i'm just going to try to hold until sunday evening :)

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