Wednesday, November 25, 2009

burst of energy?

there is this idea that you get a "burst of energy" pretty soon before going into labor. i may be getting mine today. i just feel the need to be productive. so far today i have:

1. washed all our sheets and pillows (both ours the extra sets for company to use)
2. been to the grocery store
3. made lunch and washed dishes 2x
4. made a broccoli cheddar casserole for gregg to take to his work potluck tomorrow
5. made cheesecake squares for me to take a dinner tomorrow
6. am currently baking choc chip cookies (also for gregg to take to work tomorrow)

i intend to:

1. make another broccoli casserole for gregg and i (it looks so good!)
2. fold laundry
3. vacuum and clean up bathroom
4. maybe do some more baking...

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