Wednesday, November 4, 2009

nevermind. i no longer think it's necessary for abbey to wait until her due date to arrive so that i can get school done. i don't care anymore-i just want to not have a baby inside me any longer! i'm so sore. i can't wait until the ultrasound tomorrow when we find out what's going on with her. really really praying all is well and that she is an acceptable position.

jamie had her baby this morning!! little judah is here. i just got a picture sent to me and he is SO adorable. looks like he has a chubby little face. i know she is so relieved to have him here and to have the birth process behind her. things didn't go as she hoped they would (they rarely do in that situation though) but everyone is healthy. hopefully i'll get to talk to her soon. i MUST make some progress on this research paper. it's my last real paper of the semester and i will feel SO much better when it's just done with. i just wish it was for one of counseling classes rather than a theology class. i feel so ill equipped to write a research paper on any theological subject.

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