Tuesday, November 3, 2009

baby distractions

i'm struggling to get one of my papers done because i am SO distracted. my friend jamie's water broke at around 1pm today and she's in labor in austin. i'm SO bummed i can't go and be there tomorrow. oh well. anyway, the latest update i got was from around 5pm and she wasn't making any progress so i'm hoping that changes soon for her. i can't believe jamie is going to be a mom. it's so crazy, we've been best friends since we were 7 years old. i really think that us being pregnant together as a gift from God. it has been such a huge blessing to have her to compare and complain and pregnancy chat with all this time. it hit for the first time today how different things are going to be now. she called to tell me she was in labor and i haven't talked to her since. i just hit me that it's going to be harder for us to pick-up the phone several times a day and call each other like we are so used to doing! it's killing me i can't call her right now and see how it's going. i just can't wait to meet her little baby boy.

in other baby news, i just took dinner to a couple in our small group who had a baby girl one week ago today. good grief, that mom looks freaking amazing. if i look that good 1 week after giving birth i won't know what to do with myself! i saw her at 39 weeks pregnant and she just had a baby belly and no weight gain anywhere else-at least not that i could see. that baby girl is so sweet and so small. she is a totally average weight for a newborn but you just don't realize how small they really are until you are around one. crazy that we will be bringing our own baby girl home in no more than 4 weeks!

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