Thursday, November 5, 2009

good news. all is well with the baby and she is in the right position. hooray! it seems i'm just a little smaller and she is a little on the small side but nothing unusual by any means. tomorrow i have my appt with the dr. and i'm assuming we'll see if there is any sign of anything starting to happen. i don't think there will be.

during the ultrasound today we got a shot of her little face. it was SO strange because it just looked like a little baby face. the last ultrasound was at 19 weeks and she was still very skeleton looking but today, her little face looked like she's ready to join us. we could see her lips, her nose, her cheeks and eyes-everything. so strange-now i really can't wait to see her!

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

yay, i'm glad she's in the correct position. did you get to take a pic home? if so, post it. so we can see her cuteness.