Friday, November 6, 2009


so i have been feeling a little strange for the past 2.5 hrs. i have definitely been having more braxton hick contractions and lots of cramping. according to my doctor this morning, these are signs my body is getting ready to rid itself of a baby :) tonight though, i've just been light headed, nauseated, and just uncomfortable. who knows. i just wish my water would break when i actually go into labor so i'll know for sure to go to the hospital!

i am just all kinds of whiney and complainy lately. it's pretty ridiculous-even i can admit this. by the evening i just want to cry because i'm so exhausted and uncomfortable. everything just takes so much effort.

i am SO close to being doing that with research paper. i don't know that i've made a paper into this much work before. i don't know what my problem is but it has to stop soon. the rest of my papers for the semester are pretty short and shouldn't take more than a weekend to finish. i've just got to do it because who knows, this baby could come in the next week.