Thursday, October 8, 2009

tonight we got a preview of what parenthood may (probably will on some level) be bringing us.

since moving to ft. worth, fleas have discovered macey-or rather she's discovered them. we never had a problem with them in austin but i think it's because she's outside more here and around many more dogs. so, tonight gregg discovered fleas. he bathed macey and we are currently washing all her blankets and bedding. macey also got her shots today. after bathing her in the flea stuff i noticed that her skin was turning red and looked like it was burning and she was going crazy itching. obviously something was wrong. i thought maybe it was a reaction to the flea shampoo and gregg took her back to the vet to make sure it was okay. apparently she had an allergic reaction to her rabies shot. this has never happened before so i don't understand why. anyway, she needed meds (which cost a pretty penny) and they told us that next time she gets shots she'll have to be hooked up to an IV just in case something goes wrong. seriously??

poor sweet macey pants. i felt so bad for her but gregg's on his way home with her now and she should be okay thanks to the meds.

i can only imagine what baby abbey has in store for us!

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

that's weird. I've heard of having to pre-medicate dogs with benadrly 30 minutes before getting their shots and/or spacing out the shots. lucy had a reaction to her last round of shots. she threw up and had bumps on her head. so I had to give her benadryl. next time she can't get all shots at the same time.