Monday, October 5, 2009

what i am supposed to be doing right now:

finishing up a book review for my old testament class

what i am doing right now:

blogging, facebooking and general time wasting

ugh. i am about 1/2 way done with my book review and i just keep running out of words. so i'll type a sentence and then sit there and try to think of something else to type. but while thinking of something else to type my mind wanders to the more interesting things of the internets. hmm.

in other news i'm having a difficult time understanding and realizing that a small baby will soon be invading my life. my inability to grasp this doesn't really come as a shock. i've never been able to accept things or realize things until they are upon me and i'm actually experiencing them. i just have a really hard time believing that there will ACTUALLY be a baby in that crib and by my side in just 7 weeks. this is part of the reason why the hospital tour was important to me and why i try to get as much information about labor/delivery as possible. i feel like the more i can know and envision the more real it will seem to me. i also didn't believe i'd actually get pregnant or that'd we really move to ft. worth or that i'd really be in school again. i think it's the pessimist in me-i need to experience it before i count on it to be true. i'm sure a conclusion of significance regarding my personality could be drawn from this about me.

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