Wednesday, September 23, 2009

alright, i was really trying to space out my whiny pregnancy related posts but that's clearly not going to happen.

it's nearly 1 am and here i sit typing instead of sleeping in my comfy bed where i so desperately want to be! why you ask? well, the good news is this isn't the same old complaint of back pain that has been keeping me up, nope, it's my new friend indigestion. i have never in my life experienced indigestion before, but apparently having a baby that insists on residing on your chest will bring it on quite quickly. seriously, i am carrying this baby SO high and the further along i get the more miserable that becomes. tonight, i every time i laid down i felt like all my food and drink from the day was being squeezed up through my throat. miserable. having never experienced this, i have no medication on hand to help relieve it but i most definitely intend to purchase some tomorrow. luckily, i only have chapel on my schedule tomorrow and that's not until 11. of course, i have an insane amount of work i must get done tomorrow too so hopefully i manage to fall asleep for a few hours tonight. looks like i may be making the switch to the recliner for sleeping pretty soon. i've been trying to put it off because honestly, i really like my bed and i really don't want to sleep in a room all by myself and without gregg. however, i do want to sleep so i guess that's where i'll be headed from now on.

only 8.5 weeks left............ugh.

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