Friday, September 25, 2009

pumpkin love

i may have gone a bit pumpkin crazy lately but i cannot help it! i'm not even through all the pumpkin muffins i made last week and i've already moved on to pumpkin cookies. i ended up putting half of the muffins in the freezer because i'm the only one here who like pumpkin flavored things. this is not good.

anyway, the pumpkin cookies i made were a new recipe and SO good. basically, they are oatmeal, chocolate chip PUMPKIN cookies. man. luckily, we are having several people over tomorrow evening and i can feed them cookies.

and because the grocery store i go to seems to be low on pumpkin puree (2x last week they were completely out!), i bought 2 giant cans of it today. next i intend to make baked pumpkin oatmeal which i saw on a food blog i regularly stalk. i really can't wait for that-i need another cool front to come in soon..the temps are already climbing up to the high 80s again.

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