Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this past weekend i made a quick trip to austin for my friend jamie's baby shower. jamie's baby boy is due 3 weeks before abbey. the shower was a good chance to see my palacios friends that i hadn't seen in awhile, as well as meet up with a few girls from austin. i was a little worried that going back to austin would make me sad and it did a little. i went by our old apartment complex and part of me just wishes we were still there living our simple, uncomplicated life. the one where i worked 3 days a week a low stress job, where gregg didn't mind going to work and where we were all settled into a church and friendships. ugh. i know we are in the right place now, but there are definitely aspects about that feel rough right now. i also thing when going through (and expecting) huge change, there is always the natural tendency to just want to run backwards to were everything was comfortable and figured. the truth is, we were both growing antsy with our life in austin and felt like a change would be good and we are here now.

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