Monday, August 3, 2009

today is gregg's first day of work. it's actually the beginning of a 2 week long orientation which i know he is super excited about (sarcasm). sitting for 8 hrs a day is rough on anyone but especially gregg. he is 18 mins into his first day and i already got a text. it was good news though-turns out his hospital has a child care center! hooray! this will be awesome depending on the cost-that way on the one day i week i have class and he works-he can take the baby with him to work in the morning and i can pick her up after my class is over around noon! i hope that works out but we'll have to see. some places don't do such extreme part time.

anyway. my goal for the day is to be semi-productive. i say "semi" because it's hard to be all out productive when you really don't have much that needs to be done! today is my first day alone in ft. worth and this is what i've got for the day so far:

1. breakfast-done
2. clean up bedroom-done
3. prenatal pilates (via DVD)-done
4. dressed and go to campus to pay rent
5. bank to get change for laundry
6. laundry
7. meet friend for lunch (my former co-worker lives in dallas and we meeting for lunch-thank goodness for some social interaction!)
8. figure out a dinner plan
9. finish laundry

so that's what i got so far-we'll see if it gets done.

happy monday :)

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