Tuesday, August 4, 2009

well yesterday turned out to be an even more productive day then i had planned. i got call yesterday that i could go ahead and register for classes instead of waiting until next monday. i decided to do that just in case the classes i wanted were filling up & i'm glad i did because, as usual, there were issues. why can't things ever go smoothly? oh well. turns out one of my forms wasn't in and it was a really important one-the one that gives me half off my tuition!! ugh. so i'm hoping, hoping and hoping that it gets in this week so my tuition bill is cut in half otherwise i don't know what we are going to do but we'll figure something out.

aside from that, yesterday was a good day and registering for classes was quick and painless. i am LOVING being at such a small school. it seems to make life easier and everyone is so incredibly nice and helpful. my schedule for the fall is pretty easy-at least it appears to be on paper. i'm only taking 10 hours because i have no idea how the end of the semester will look with the baby coming in late november.

i decided to keep it simple. here it is:


8-10:45: Group Dynamics
12-2:24: Premarital & Marriage Counseling


10:50-12: Chapel (this mandatory the first 2 semesters)
12:10-1: Spiritual Formation
2:40-3:55: Old Testament


10:50-12:00: Chapel

10:50-12: Chapel (this mandatory the first 2 semesters)
2:40-3:55: Old Testament



yes, chapel 3 times a week....

as you can see, i will have plenty of free time. i wondering if it i should get a job, but again, not sure how that would work out with a baby coming in 3.5 months. hmm..we'll see i suppose but wednesday and friday are going to be such empty days!

anyway, today i'm just hanging around at home and having lunch with a friend since we had to cancel yesterday due to my registering for classes.

last night, our evening walk finally proved productive! we ran into a couple we met our first night here and ended up talking for awhile and made plans for dinner friday night. you all should be proud of me, because i was the one who brought up hanging out. turns out, all i've needed all this time is a couple weeks of social isolation to become a little more outgoing :)

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

how's school? have you started classes yet?