Sunday, August 2, 2009

24 weeks, aka 6 months

i made macey take a picture with me. the camera freaks her out so she ran under the bed after it flashed. silly dog.

yesterday i got a ft. worth library card and i must say, the branch near us here is 1000x better than the austin library branch in our old neighborhood. much more to pick from in every section. i got a pregnancy pilates DVD, a movie (which turns out i've already seen and forgotten about), 2 books and gregg got a guitar tab book. i like doing free things. i also discovered that they have a decent selection of Christian authors so i put a few books on hold.... and that's my exciting life as of late...

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

i was just wondering about Macey. Glad you took a pic of her. she is sooo cute! love the belly pic too. :O)