Thursday, July 30, 2009

living room. there just isn't enough room for our tv cabinet. i hate the cords everywhere though.

mini oven! it actually bakes just fine as long as you keep everything in the middle of the oven.
our kitchen is above. this is the main wall, the other wall has our 2 seater table on it and there is also a half of a wall with the fridge and pantry.

these are by no means great shots but they give a general idea of our new place. i didn't take a picture of the 2nd bedroom because we haven't done much with it yet. we are waiting for baby furniture to put it together. right now, it just has gregg's guitars, our tv cabinet and a recliner in it. i also skipped the bathroom because who needs to see that?

so that's about it. nothing too exciting but i like it much better than i thought i would. although, i do think i'm going to miss a dishwasher just a little bit-especially when the baby gets here it and it's harder to wash everything immediately after using it.


Brittany said...

Looks really cute girl! :) Thanks for posting pics~ far better than you had initially described it. It's much lighter than I imagined. Hope you're well!

Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

very cute! now post your belly pic. ha ha ha! fine, i'll wait till tomorrow.