Wednesday, July 29, 2009

this will be in list form because i'm too lazy for anything else right now.


1. all unpacked and art hanging on the walls
2. visited 2 churches sunday.
3. i need social interaction and so does gregg. you may see us on the news soon for stalking our neighbors in efforts to befriend them. ugh. friend hunting is no fun either.
4. i register for classes very soon and am starting panic about paying for this but i did get my ID card so i feel semi-official now.
5. our tv reception here is TERRIBLE.
6. we FINALLY got our internet situation worked out. at&t is frustrating but we finally have our own internet connection at home after many many trips to best buy. i do not like best buy.
7. we have a gas oven here. gas ovens are scary in my opinion. although a half oven, it seems to work just fine. i baked a box cake earlier this week to test it out.
8. the highlight of our days so far has been our evening walk around our housing complex. every night i hope we run into neighbors that will become our friends. everyone seems really nice but, as usual when in a new place, establishing friendships is so hard.
9. my belly is getting huge. seriously. i will update with a picture this sunday when i hit 24 weeks (aka 6 months!)
10. this baby likes to use my bladder as a trampoline-hence i visit the bathroom about every 20 mins.

that's all. i think i'll take another nap or fight with the tv antenna to get reception. we definitely are starting to miss austin and our familiar life there.


Steve said...

Hey you all,

Congrats on the move. It seems like you are settling in good. Jen, hang in there, you both will meet new friends very very soon and will not know what to do with them all. Gregg I hope your first day back to work goes smooth.
Prayers, Peterson's

Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

i can't wait till you post your cute belly pic. :O)