Friday, July 24, 2009

well we now live in ft. worth.

yesterday and today were insanely long days. yesterday was by the far the worst in my opinion but we survived. we still have a TON of unpacking to do and problem solving as we try to fit all of our stuff into this place. it's actually looking much more doable than i originally thought so that's good.

we've already had a few people walking by introduce themselves and one couple came up and knocked on door to say hi. they just moved in too. they seemed really nice and the girl is in the same program as me so that's cool.

anyway. lots to do tomorrow and if we ever get unpacked and settled i'll take pictures but will probably be at least a week.

alright friends, sleepy time. at some point i'm sure it will hit me that i'm not going "home" anytime soon...

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